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About Us

If you have stumbled upon this page,

It’s probably because you want to know what Afro Nations is, why Afro Nations, or maybe find out who we are, just to be sure you’re in the right place. Good thinking!

Let’s start by keeping it short.

Afro Nations was born from the unfortunate fact that the African community as a whole does not have a dedicated platform for exchange, like other large communities. However, it is through exchanges and sharing that collaborations and partnerships are built. This leads to great achievements that defy all kinds of obstacles. Therefore, it was time to provide the community with a platform to facilitate large-scale exchanges, friendships, collaborations, projects and business.

As soon as the idea of forming Afro Nations was announced to a few members of the community, the need and pressure to make it happen grew to the point that we had no choice but to fulfill this great and noble call. We knew it was important, but this much we never thought possible! This is how Afro Nations came to be, with the help of the HAPIDiT Group.

It is a platform designed by Africans and for Africans. A social network based on trust, brotherhood and security. Sign up and take advantage of the immense resources at your disposal to build strong relationships and the Africa of tomorrow today. This is our platform and we must abuse it.

Thank you for reading this and learning more about us. We hope to learn as much about you by visiting your Afro Nations profile. And if you want to follow what we do, the easiest way is to join the Afro Nations Group of the platform.

See you soon!

The Afro Nations team.